About Perfect Service


Omega Software Shafaq Company was established in 1998 and is engaged in the use of experienced managers and experts in the production of software and design and consultancy services in the field of after-sales service systems.

View :

Promoting and enhancing organizational excellence to achieve a dynamic setup through collaborative collaboration With domestic and foreign companies to provide superior techniques and to produce technical know-how in the field of after-sales service and software applications required in the country.

Mission :

Our mission is to carry out research projects, consulting services, software development and database creation In the areas of after sales, sales, commerce, accounting, production, etc. with upgrade objectives Quality and satisfaction of customers in different fields of industry and other service activities.

Organizational values ​​of the company:

- Customer Orientation, honesty and honesty

- The system of discipline and law and order

- Continuous improvement of all processes and activities of the company

- Flexibility in the system, providing services tailored to customer needs, organization and community facilities

- Paying attention to profitability in order to maintain and grow the organization while maintaining other values ​​of the organization

- Compensation and acceptance of human resources as the most valuable capital of the company

- Achieving market share